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The firm was established in 1971 by Adv. Jacob Rosen. In 1998, the firm was joined by Adv. Itai Basis and Adv. Roy Rosen, followed by Adv. Guy Ben Gal. The firm’s 20 employees cater are focused on addressing a whole range of matters in the municipal taxation, real estate, real estate taxation, urban renewal and Tama 38 (NOP 38), labor laws and commercial law fields.

In the local authorities and municipal taxation field: the firm focuses on local authority laws and mainly specializes in all varieties of municipal taxation, including general municipal property tax, tolls and levies, betterment levies, zoning and building laws, real estate taxation as well as litigation and representation in all of the above.

The firm serves as the external counsel on municipal taxation to more than thirty local authorities, including:

Tel Aviv Municipality, Givatayim Municipality, Bat Yam Municipality, Ramat HaSahron Municipality, Holon Municipality, Ashkelon Municipality, Kfar Saba Municipality, Eilat Municipality, Mevaseret Zion Local Council, Tel Mond Local Council and et el.

The firm provides external legal services regarding all interactions with local authorities, including the drafting of legal opinions supporting deepening tax collection and increasing the local authorities’ commercial property tax base, as well as presenting written and oral opinions regarding development and other levies available to the authority.

Our firm’s attorneys have previously represented major businesses and entities, guiding them in through the zoning, building and taxation of real estate, much the same fields in which the firm now advises the local municipalities. Our extensive experience in representing both the municipalities and the businesses adds an invaluable advantage to the firm, distinguishing it from others in both the manner of approaching the relevant legislation and in its manner of application.   

The firm is now exclusively dedicated to representing municipalities.

In labor laws, the firm represents major organizations both in private and collective labor law.
The firm has successfully represented in class action suits, some of which have brought about consumer revolutions as in the gas safety reforms. Currently the firm is successfully representing major companies who have class action suits pending against them.

The firm also advises to some of the major figures in Israel on commercial law matters.
In real estate, the firm provides clients with a one-stop-shop for all types and stages of transactions. We represent buyers and sellers of private real estates as well as complex real estate projects under different assignments, including local municipalities’ real estate, privately owned or by the Israel Land Authority. Our firm handles every stage of the transaction; taxation, planning, building, urban renewal, Tama 38 (NOP 38), sales, municipality tenders and agricultural land, inheritance and wills, as well as representation in purchase related litigation.

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